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Carnegie Collection

Designed and built to honor the advancements developed by 19th century industrialist, Andrew Carnegie. His innovations to the progression of the steel industry were remarkable. Carnegie’s great wealth and power eventually led him into a life of philanthropy.

Custom Projects

We don’t always tell you what you need. Sometimes we build custom projects based on customer needs. Check out these one off projects! Or send us a note to request your own.

This is

Iron Sails Design
LOCALLY designed, sourced, crafted.
Feel GOOD about your SPACE.

We didn't get into the furniture business because you need more options. We got into it because you need BETTER options. We are proud to bring you locally designed, sourced, and crafted custom furniture. Our modern industrial furniture is handmade in our Costa Mesa, California workshop. We want to bring furniture to our clients who can feel good about their space by knowing how their furniture is sourced. This is just a small sampling of our work. All of our designs are completely customizable by size, configuration, metal finish and wood choice. We look forward to working with you on your next statement piece!

  • Designed

    All of our designs are done right here, in Southern California. Our furniture, website, logos and photography are all done
    by local artists.

  • Sourced

    Wood, metal, consumables, rivets. Whatever it is, it is sourced locally.

  • Crafted

    Metal work. Wood work. Everything we do is handmade in our Orange County shop.

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